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Seminars / Conferences

Atelier Découverte formations LinkedIn et Management Réseau Mesure 30042024

During this Réseau Mesure workshop, trainers Gregory Mancel and Marc Petit will present to you the different sessions scheduled on the essential LINKEDIN network and on MANAGEMENT.

Conférence TEAM2 Collecte - Démantèlement - Sécurisation - Réglementation : Les étapes clefs du recyclage des batteries de la mobilité électrique 14052024

A morning of TEAM2 conferences/workshops around the recycling of electric mobility batteries. Do not miss !

Innovations et synergies régionales Minalogic SERMA 16 mai 2024

Discover the key advances in microelectronics in France, its role in the electronics industry and regional opportunities. Register now !


ACSIELWebinar! Join us on May 17, 2024 for the second act of the ACSIEL webinar dedicated to the EU Chips Act. A step towards a stronger Europe in semiconductors.


Formation CAP'TRONIC - Mise en œuvre de Microcontrôleurs 16-32bits en langage C - 4 au 6/06/2024
4 > 6/06/2024

Microcontrollers training to discover an effective method for developing applications on 16-32 bit microcontrollers in C based on the study of the structure of industrial microcontrollers.

Formations 2024 S2E2

Find the detailed catalog and calendar of the SE2E cluster’s 2024 training program.

Formations 2024 CAP'TRONIC 2024

Find the detailed catalog and calendar of the 2024 training program of the CAP’TRONIC Electronic System expertise network.

Formations 2024 Réseau Mesure

Find the detailed catalog and calendar of the 2024 training program of Réseau Mesure, specialist in Test and Measurement