Our cross-functional commissions

Transversal Commissions

Constituted and guided by a holistic vision, the commissions work to transcend sectoral boundaries to address complex issues. Each of them has the objective of catalyzing the integration of skills, knowledge and perspectives, in order to develop relevant and innovative solutions.

Interdisciplinary cooperation, sharing of experiences and the implementation of concerted actions are the key words of these 6 work bodies who play an essential role in the dynamics that propel our alliance.

Social affairs - Human resources


Strengthen and reaffirm human capital as one of the pillars fundamentals of the value chain of the electronics industry in France, Europe and the world by guaranteeing members a space for sharing, feedback and positive and sustainable work within which innovation and social and societal responsibility guide reflection.



  • Human Resources Management: Sharing and pooling of best practices (recruitment, training, career management, etc.) to help companies attract, develop and retain the best talent li>
  • Social monitoring and analysis: monitoring of legislative, regulatory and social developments relevant to the electronics industry in France
  • Anticipation of changes > adaptation > recommendations


President: Brigitte FRANCOU – STMicroelectronics



Foster the development of skills and employability of young graduates , electronics professionals but also professionals in other support professions necessary in the electronics industry, while responding to the evolving needs of the sector.



  • Skills needs analysis: Collection, identification and regular assessment of current and future skills and training needs from member companies.

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  • Collaboration with training organizations: Partnerships with training centers, universities and schools to recommend, propose, design and co-build programs adapted to technical or transversal training
  • Promotion of work-study and continuing training: Encouragement and support for the use of apprenticeships, professionalization contracts and continuing training of employees in the framework of the attractiveness of professions, competitiveness and adaptability.
  • Anticipation of the jobs of tomorrow


President: Pierre-Jean ALBRIEUX – IFTEC

Health Safety and Environment


Integrate and reinforce environmentally friendly practices, including with regard to European regulations REACH and the RoHS, while guaranteeing the safety and health of employees and proving that the chain value of the electronics industry can prosper and develop in a responsible, sustainable and societal way.



  • Continuous monitoring and analysis of regulatory texts (REACH / RoHS / WEEE) in order to prepare for optimal responsiveness
  • Preparation of monographs on gases and chemicals
  • Training and external expertise
  • Monitoring specific indicators
  • Sharing and feedback of best practices in accident prevention and CSR


Presidents: Adeline OLIVA – STMicroelectronics | Sandrine CHABAUD – Aledia



Through a holistic approach, help the general management of member companies to understand the issues strategiclinked to the various transitions that the industrial world is facing.



  • Strategic orientation: Information, tools and recommendations from strategic monitoring to be integrated into overall strategies
  • Expert networks: Provision of experts in the different transition areas to provide specific advice
  • Partnerships and synergy: Establish partnerships with other organizations, research centers and experts to enrich the skills and resources available
  • Representation: Represent the interests of businesses to public authorities and other bodies to influence policies and regulations related to these transitions.


President: Michel RAMEZ – EPROM

Innovation and Foresight


Stimulate innovation, anticipate and prepare for the future within the electronics industry in France and Europe by strengthening knowledge sharing, supporting research and development of disruptive technologies and influencing public policies.



  • Encourage collaboration with downstream sectors and other partner organizations in order to exchange roadmaps
  • Identification and analysis of priorities of France 2030 and the European Commission< /div>
  • Anticipation of future challenges for a long-term vision > assessment of risks and opportunities on emerging topics > strategic recommendations
  • Creation of consortia within #ACSIEL to develop collaborative projects between members and with other industrial sectors or European or even international players.


President: Jean-René LEQUEPEYS – CEA-Leti



This commission brings together international experts and deals with subjects ranging from customs policy to analysis of export markets and their penetration conditions.



  • Organization of specific missions in target countries for members in conjunction with the actions of Business France and the FIEEC
  • Representation of the alliance within professional organizations in the European and international electronics sector


President: Bernard HAGÈGE – ATEMATION