Electronics industry

Electronics, a key sector for economic independence

In an increasingly interconnected and technology-dependent world, there was a before and after COVID.
Electronics has become a strategic issue for the economic and industrial independence of nations, particularly in Europe.

“Electronics, a key sector for Economic Independence”, a phrase that resonates well beyond circuits and components as the sector is today:

  • Driver of innovation and driving force of major technological advances as part of the energy and ecological transition;
  • From research to industrialization through distribution and associated services, a dynamic ecosystem that generates jobs and creates new professional profiles, even suffering from a shortage of talent;
  • Crucial catalyst for the development of technologies in the fields of health, mobility and cybersecurity, control of supply chains and reindustrialization within the framework of national and European sovereignty.

In this constantly revolutionizing environment, the electronics industry value chain offers opportunities to build a sustainable, responsible and independent economy.

Electronics around the world

Electronics has now invaded all areas of industry and services, thus becoming a highly strategic sector for the economic and sovereign independence of countries, which places it at the heart of geo-political movements.

Thus, China, the United States and Europe have adopted Chips Acts, proactive investment plans in R&D and production to consolidate or strengthen their global positioning.

In France, the Sector Strategic Committee

The CSF “Electronics Industry” has the mission of identifying in a convergent manner the key issues of the sector and the reciprocal commitments of the State, regions and industrial. The strategic nature of the electronics sector was recognized on May 28, 2018 by the National Industry Council chaired by the Prime Minister.

More information: https://www.filiere-electronique.fr