Our ad hoc working groups

Ad hoc working groups

The working groups are intended to understand and deepen a cross-cutting subject or problem and are made up of any member, whatever their profession, interested and concerned by the theme of the working group.

The main object of a working group often consists of a specific variation of a subject addressed in a commission and whose issues require the implementation of collective actions (defense, promotion of a sector, identification of a promising market or technologies of the future).



The Connector Manufacturers’ Group, or CMG, aims to initiate concerted action by manufacturer connectors to alert customers of the impact of the inclusion in the SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) list of chemical substances used in component manufacturing processes and obtain temporary use authorizations when necessary.</span



  • Analysis the economic and social situation
  • Deep and train in new social regulations
  • Share good practices for implementing these new regulations


Organizers: Olivier GAVARD – AMPHENOL-Socapex | Thomas PICHOT – SOURIAU | Frédéric RAOUL – TE CONNECTIVITY | Gérald TREDAN – RADIALL

Mapping the electronics sector


Rework the map of ACSIEL Alliance Electronique members established in 2017 in order to update it and to complete it with factual data, to also extend it to companies not yet members of #ACSIEL. This is in order to have the most detailed and precise vision possible of the electronic industrial sector on French territory.

This mapping must be a tool for:

  • speak and act with public authorities,
  • allow #ACSIEL members to network within the alliance,
  • help position #ACSIEL,
  • exchange with other electronics unions,
  • provide information on employability, allow the mapping of available skills and know-how or missing in the development of collaborative innovative projects.

This information will be reported within the CSF Electronique to participate in the overall plan of the French electronics industry.



  • Establish an exhaustive list of electronic industrial companies and assign them their correct NAF code


President: Michel RAMEZ – EPROM