Who we are

Serving our members and the electronics industry

ACSIEL Alliance Électronique is the professional organization of industrial players in the value chain of electronics sector in France.

From academic research and innovation to test and measurement, including the manufacturing of components and semiconductors and equipment for the electronics industry, #ACSIEL is an integrated and coherent ecosystem, accelerator of French electronics.

President's word

Electronics players in France have understood for many years the need to unite around an organization that represents them, helps them develop and defends their rights.

More than 100 years ago the first union in the broadcasting industries was formed. Over time and alliances, it became #ACSIEL on September 27, 2013. 10 years already #ACSIEL has represented the players in electronic components, test, measurement and production equipment supplying the value chain of electronic.

Our organization today brings together more than a hundred members diversified by their size (from SMEs to large groups), the nature of their activities (manufacturers, designers, importers, teachers, researchers, testers) and representing all of the value chain (from research and development to equipment and components).

Our alliance, strong in this diversity, is the recognized and preferred interlocutor for all stakeholders in the ecosystem (public authorities, professional groups, upstream and downstream sectors, media, etc.).

Our ambition is to promote the electronics sector in France, with the challenges of attractiveness, education and training, transformation and growth. Our objective is to stimulate competitiveness, innovation and development by creating synergies between members, supporting them and connecting them for their financing needs, cooperation or even knowledge and development of regulatory frameworks. .

Electronics is at the heart of secular changes such as the digitalization of the economy and environmental protection. The three major integrations which will impact electronics in the years to come, namely artificial intelligence, power management and cyber security, will affect all sectors of activity: Health, Mobility (automotive, railway , aeronautics & space), renewable energies and all industries.


By bringing together the electronics sector within the CSF (Strategic Sector Committee) Electronic, #ACSIEL constitutes an essential pillar of economic development and employment of our country, maintaining its sovereignty and strengthening its attractiveness on the domestic and export markets.

With a strong desire to unite and conquer, #ACSIEL aims to be the professional organization of reference, unifying and catalyzing the electronics sector in France.

Don’t hesitate to join us, make suggestions or simply ask us. We are here to listen to you, ready to answer you.

Our positioning

Through its positioning, #ACSIEL is aimed at clients, public authorities and institutions, exchanges with all the players in the ecosystem of electronics, creates and promotes the conditions for the development of activity, professions and jobs.

ACSIEL Alliance Electronique is a member of the FIEEC, Federation of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Industries , as well as one of the main links of the Strategic Sector Committee (CSF) “Electronics Industry”, one of the 19 national CSFs labeled by the State.

Our missions

  • Energize and unite all the players in the electronics industry present on French territory
  • Promote and defend the French and European electronics industry
  • Develop initiatives and synergies between members / upstream and downstream sectors
  • Be a force for proposals with public, national and international authorities
  • Support innovation and exchanges with universities, laboratories and engineering schools
  • Strengthen the visibility of our members
  • Stimulate professional training in electronics professions

Our priorities

Bringing together players in the electronics ecosystem to anticipate the technological challenges of industry of 2030

Synergy of electronic industries

Our alliance aims to represent this diversity and to be a recognized interlocutor with all stakeholders in the ecosystem (public authorities, professional groups, contractors, etc.) to stimulate the competitiveness of the sector in terms of innovation, attractiveness of professions, (re)industrialization and job development.

Synergy between members, promotion of professions and know-how, education and training, support for SMEs and young innovative companies, cooperation, simplification of the regulatory framework, financing methods are the priority areas on which #ACSIEL is engaged.

Representation and diversity

It is essential to strengthen existing local links and build new ones both with branches and partners in the region (poles, associations, laboratories, schools), and internationally in order to broaden our audience and strengthen the scope of our actions.

Support for tomorrow’s challenges

Electronics is at the heart of all societal challenges: health, environment, security and changes in the fields of automobiles, smart cities, home automation and the industry of the future, all crossed by the wave of internet of things. By working to boost “Electronics Industry”, recently labeled “Strategic Sector” by the National Industry Council, ACSIEL Alliance Electronique constitutes an essential pillar of the economic development and employment of our country, the maintenance of its industrial sovereignty and strengthening its attractiveness on the domestic and export markets.

In line with our ambition, we will continue to communicate widely to explain the quality of the French electronic offering and its numerous applications, and in coordination with other stakeholders , to defend, promote and promote the electronics sector in the region.

The establishment of our members in France

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Today, #ACSIEL is 10 years old, discover our story.