Our sectoral clubs and colleges

Sectoral clubs and colleges

There are 5 of them, the sectoral clubs and colleges bring together a group of members with the same profession.
Their objective is to evaluate and monitor the French market by product category in order to understand its different facets, to carry out targeted actions and to communicate the results of the evaluations to their members.

Within the same club or college, members decide to work on subjects of common interest for their profession such as the standardization and/or normalization of products, the definition and drafting of specifications or technical standards of interest. common, regulations related to the use of materials deemed dangerous, etc.

The clubs and colleges bring together both “active” members, manufacturers or designers, as well as “associated” members who import into our territory.

In order to nourish and enrich the work, non-member companies may be invited to join clubs and colleges. They only benefit from the results specific to the work carried out within the club or college.

Printed circuits


The Printed Circuits Club brings together industrial manufacturers of printed circuits. Its purpose is to ensure better consideration of the specificities of the profession of printed circuit manufacturer. The map is a strategic component:

  • with other members of the value chain: principal, subcontractors, suppliers, …
  • from the administration



  • Promote and defend the French printed circuit manufacturing industry
  • Pooling of acquired knowledge for an overall improvement in the competitiveness of companies in the sector


President: Eric DE PONTHAUD – CIMULEC Group



The Connectors Club brings together industrial manufacturers/designers and importers. Its purpose is to ensure better consideration of the specificities of the Connector manufacturer profession:

  • with other members of the value chain: principal, subcontractors, suppliers, …
  • from the administration
  • and unite the profession around subjects of common interest



  • Statistics of the profession (CA, orders, “Book to Bill”)
  • Observatory of customer markets and trend indicators
  • Develop relations with other European unions and groups
  • Thematic presentations of common interest: industrial property, major programs, normative actions, regulations, etc.
  • Bringing together the stakeholders involved around a key project for connectors


President: Cuong DUONG – LINXENS

Equipment & services


The College Facilities & Services brings together all the members who are manufacturers and importers of machines, services and consumables for the manufacture of electronic cards.



  • Federate members around common themes generating synergies and opportunities for the profession


President: Philippe ALBRIEUX – CIF



The Semiconductors Club aims to evaluate, analyze and monitor market developments French and to carry out targeted actions intended to boost the sector. Its members, manufacturers, designers and importers, among the world leaders in the sector, meet every quarter, scrupulously ensuring that they respect the ethical rules for exchanging information and statistics.



  • TAM France: The primary mission of the club remains to evaluate quarterly the size of the French market (TAM) based on the consolidation of invoicing from member companies to which a representativeness coefficient is then applied. of the club by products and market segments. These coefficients take into account market estimates provided by the WSTS. Declarations are based on the “ship-to/sold-to” rule.
  • Press release: Each quarterly meeting is an opportunity to write a press release which summarizes the market trends noted by the club, by major area of ​​the industry. The key indicators of the French market are published there, put into perspective with the European and global results of the electronic components industry. This information is widely reported by the press and in particular by the magazines ElectroniqueS, Eletronique-Mag and ViPress.net.
  • Distribution working group: In order to better understand this sales channel, a working group analyzes distribution more closely each year, and compares its results with figures available from other organizations (DMASS ). Thus the members of the club met the SPDEI and established a common list based on the same segmentations and method of calculation via a survey of their respective members.
  • WSTS Working Group: A working group analyzes the global results published by the WSTS in greater detail each year and compares its results with figures available from other organizations.


President: Pascal RIBOT – STMicroelectronics | Vice-president: Isabelle DUTILLEUL – RENESAS

Test & measurement


The College Test & measurement brings together suppliers of testing equipment for electronic boards, components and subassemblies. Its purpose is to promote and unite players in the electronic testing market.



  • Statistics and trends in the profession
  • Annual market study
  • Training