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Welcome to our logbook dedicated to careers in the electronics industry, where innovation is the fuel that fuels professional ambitions.

From consumer electronics to cutting-edge technologies, discover how each link in this chain contributes to building an ever more connected society.

Be inspired by the stories of professionals who are shaping tomorrow’s technology today.

We take you on a captivating journey within this ever-expanding electronics industry and invite you to discover how to build your future in this exciting universe.

Smart Electronique

As part of the cooperation agreement signed with the DGEFP, the OPCO 2i and the electronics sector offers an interactive conference to middle school, high school and post-baccalaureate students.

You are a student, teacher or industrialist, take a trip into the world of Smart Electronics

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High precision professions

Research engineer, instrumentation technician, production operator, product manager, cable fitter… The needs are significant and constantly increasing with the relocation of industrial activities. We recruit in various professions, from R & D to maintenance through production, quality or marketing. With innovation at the heart to work on the solutions of tomorrow!

In this Zoom, 20 young professionals talk about their daily lives, their skills, their qualities for practicing their profession, and, finally, their career paths.


Training at different levels

Booming, electronics and photonics offer opportunities to holders of a professional baccalaureate, a BTS, a BUT, a professional license, a master’s degree or an engineering diploma. Some courses are specific to the photonics or electronics sector, others lead to various industrial fields (aeronautics, maintenance, quality, etc.).

Learning is a path to success. How to choose your training? Industry experts answer your questions.


Produced in partnership as part of the EDEC (commitment to develop jobs and skills) for the electronics and photonics sectors, this Zoom aims to raise awareness of this sector and its professions. Based on the reality on the ground, it is part of the Avenir course which supports students from 6th to 12th grade in their exploration of the economic and professional world.

Microelectronics in search of talent

“Microelectronics in search of talent”, a film by Cyril Morat, produced on behalf of the Departmental Directorate of Employment, Labor and Solidarity of Isère, in partnership with the Grenoble Alpes Agency. Through the presentation of four professional career paths, the film aims to inform and attract candidates about careers in the sector, but also to highlight the assets and quality of life of a unique territory, Isère.

Return to the film presentation webinar, July 6, 2023:

  • Context of the genesis of the project, by Corinne Gautherin, Departmental Director of Employment, Work and Solidarity (DDETS)
  • Screening of the film “Microelectronics in search of talent”
  • A look back at the production work, with Andréa Busch, energy, digital and nanotechnologies project manager at the Grenoble-Alpes Agency
  • Testimonial from Eric Laudien, HR Manager France and South Europe at Applied Materials: How do you see the use of this film for your own needs in terms of attractiveness?
  • Presentation of the film distribution plan by Vincent Mc Coy, project manager at the DDETS of Isère
  • Exchange with Internet users

Discover the wealth and diversity of professional opportunities (jobs , apprenticeship contracts, internships) offered within the value chain of the electronics industry to start or develop your career.