Electronics Technical Day – JTE 2023 | March 22, 2023

Electronics Technical Day – JTE 2023 | March 22, 2023

Electronics Technical Day – JTE 2023 was held on March 22, 2023 !

Come, vidi vici! This is the general feeling felt by all partners, participants and exhibitors at the end of this 2023 edition of the JTE. Indeed, after a first postponement in July 2022 due to work, followed by a second postponement in January 2023 due to the threat of a transport strike, this Wednesday March 22, it was necessary for some brave the rain, for the others hope that their train is not canceled to reach the Saint-Martin space in the center of Paris and attend, finally, the big face-to-face return of the Electronics Technical Day.

After the forced break due to the COVID years, #ACSIEL and its partner VIPress had pulled out all the stops in order to offer a rich and promising 2023 edition, dedicated to the challenges of French Electronics in sustainable development, under the theme “French Electronics, accelerator of sustainable development”.

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In the opinion of all those who have “conquered”, the promises have been kept!

✔️Stephane Martinez, President of ACSIEL Alliance Electronique, presented the societal issues of environmental protection to which the electronics industry is fully associated, both as an industry which must become ever greener but also as a technological sector source of innovative solutions for the decarbonization of industry, cities and mobility.

👉 In a highly applauded keynote, Jean-Marc Girard, Air Liquide, developed the challenges and efforts undertaken upstream to reduce the use of perfluorinated components in the manufacture of semiconductors.

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👉 Gathered around a 1ʳᵉ round table on the theme “Innovation, a driving force for energy efficiency and sustainable development” , Eric Moreau from STMicroelectronics, Sylvain Le Bras from Würth Elektronik Group and Fabien Berger from Fractal Energy enlightened us on the promising development of new technologies , able to significantly reduce energy consumption and respond to the challenges of limiting the impact of industrial production on the environment, responsible reindustrialization in our territory or even the refocusing of the economy on humans.

To illustrate the use made of these new technologies closer to users, Fabien Berger describes the emergence of the “Flex Box” concept which is intended to equip every home in the near future. This box, an intelligent battery equipped with a power converter, will constitute a gateway between homes and the electricity network which, associated with the Linky meter, will facilitate the arbitration and movement of residential electricity consumption and therefore control the electricity bill and reduce the carbon footprint.
👉 In a 2ⁿᵈᵉ round table entitled “Electronics, an eco-responsible economy”, representatives of major players in the electronics Jean-Marc Girard, Eric Meynet from LACROIX – Electronics, Anne-Marie Laügt Breuil from Inventec Performance Chemicals and Christophe Barre from SOITEC presented their strategy and best practices to position themselves at the best level of environmental responsibility in their industrial activities: reduction in energy and water consumption, recycling, optimization of supply chains, impact on biodiversity.

A very rich day where everyone will have learned a lot about the capabilities of electronics to be an essential vector of progress in the development of an eco-responsible economy.

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